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I believe that with every gift we have been blessed with, there is a duty to share what you have learned along the journey with others. Early on in my business career, I vowed to be a vessel to others and give back to those who were starting their career as a planner in the hospitality industry. Do I know it all, absolutely not! But what I do know, I would graciously share. Helping you grow your planning business would be an absolute honor. 

Through one-on-one consulting, I would love to help you:

+ Grow your business
+ Get you through the “stuck” feeling
+ Reach your definition of success
In a very saturated industry, you too can stand out and achieve the goals you desire for your business. Whether you are an aspiring planner or a new planner, if you have an intense drive and a desire to learn and succeed, I would love to be on the journey with you. Through coaching, you will receive valuable knowledge that will stay with you forever. 

I will meet you where you are with your business. NO JUDGEMENT ZONE as I am sure I have been in your same boat at one time or another. You will get personalized education, a confidential sounding board, encouragement, brutal honesty, and a healthy perspective for the future of your business.

Believe me when I say-


You got this!


COVID was indeed a year like none other; it was my first full year in business, and I was looking forward to the 12 weddings that we booked. Well, I'm sure you could imagine how this went. We had a few cancellations and majority of our weddings were postpone to 2021. I decided to scale things back and use this time for more education and mentorship by seasoned planners who've been in the industry for some time. As I connected and talk to vendors here in Charlotte, Crystal’s name kept coming up. One day I was picking my daughter from school and the after-school teacher also mentioned Crystal's name to me. I knew then, needed to reach out to this, Crystal! I decided to send her an email regarding her mentoring program.

Crystal responded very quickly to my email and was open to scheduling a meeting with me. My meeting with Crystal was more than I could imagined! She was friendly, open, and to the point. Prior to our meeting, Crystal ask that I send her a list of questions/topics I wanted us to discuss. Crystal came very prepared to our meeting and gave me sound advice from how to handle my business, to connecting with vendors, pricing, marketing, how to stay true to myself, different tools to use as a planner and so much more! Our schedule meeting time was finish and we didn't event touch half of the items on my list. Without hesitation Crystal sent not one but two additional zoom invites to ensure I left the meeting feeling assured that I received all the information I needed to get me on the right track. Since then, I have implemented many processes I learned through my mentoring meeting with Crystal. It has helped tremendously! We've booked numerous Full-Service Events, been published with Munalunchi Bride, and connected with many great vendors locally and world-wide. 

Thank you, Crystal, for passing on your knowledge to a new planner, I'll forever be grateful.

With love,

Evelyn Kibwana 
Events by Evelyn



"Motivational, Encouraging, Honest, and Informative. These are some of the ways I would describe Fabulously Created Event's Mentoring Program. The moment I entered the Charlotte Wedding Market I knew I needed to learn from the best which is why I sought Crystal out. She is a fountain of knowledge and not afraid to tell you the truth about the industry. 

Oftentimes when coming into this space people can become territorial and view you as competition. However, instead of holding back Crystal took the time to educate me on the Charlotte market, reviewed my business information I sent over to her, and helped shape me into the Event Planner I am today.

Since working with Crystal my level of service has elevated to fit my brand and ideal clientele, I continue to reach my sales goals, I have learned the BUSINESS behind being a Planner, and i have met many business goals that I set for myself and my team. I will forever be grateful for this program and the lessons I've learned from Crystal Govan!"


Nicole Galloway
Nicole Galloway Weddings and Events



+ Defining Your Event Planning Business
+ Service and Package Development 
+ Contract Development/ReDEvelopment
+ Business Marketing Analyzation and Planning

FC Mentorship

All mentoring topics are set for 1.5 hours 

Contact us today to set up your first mentoring meeting. We are excited to meet and help you make your dreams come to fruition.